ସ୍ଵଛ କଟକ ଅଭିୟାନ

Reforms in city sanitation and solid waste management

Solid Waste Management System in the city has undergone radical change in the year 2011-12. The New Integrated System of Solid Waste Management has been inagurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on 16th April 2011. The Integrated system operated by M/s. Ramkey Envior Engineers Pvt.Ltd has given a new dimension to the City cleaning system and the management of solid waste generated. Door to Door collection of the garbages, Mechanical Sweeping of some major Roads, regular cleaning of city roads and street, operaition of a Transfer Station scientifically and lifting and carrying of the garbages by the compactors are some of the important features of the Integrated system. With the introduction of the new system there has been a considerable saving of funds by CMC.

Such Integrated project is first kind in Odisha.

Slaughter houses

To prevent road side open slaughtering of smell animals,Cuttack Municipal Corporation has made provision for 5 Nos. of Slaughter house-cum-sale centers at KhananagarAr, Nuabacar, Satichoura, Patapola,& Kesharpur in a scientific manner.


Cuttack Municipal Corporation given priority to the Beautification of the city to make it more attraction.For the first time in massive way in the history of the city the Ring Roads at the river front has been beautified with Govt.Funds and in PPP mode. Apart from the several traffic squares, mid-verge have also been beautified including provision of decorative street lights on some roads. CMC is committed to make the city more colorful and beautiful within next two years.

Framing of bye-laws

After enactment of the Municipal Corporation Act,there was o bye-law framed by the CMC TILL THE END OF March 2011. In the meantime however 11 numbers of Bye-Laws have been prepared and approved in the council and sent to Govt.for approval. They are follows
  • Regulation on Advertisement.
  • Regulation on Parking Space.
  • Regulation on Offensive and Dangerous Trades.
  • Bye-laws regarding seizing of stray cattle and maintenance of kine house.
  • Bye-laws regarding maintenance of stray dogs.
  • Bye-laws for controlling Markets and Slaughter houses.
  • Bio-medical Waste Management Regulation.
  • Solid Waste removal and disposal regulation.
  • Regulation on places of public resorts & entertainment.
  • Scavenging and cleaning of Public Street.
  • Lighting of public building and street.

Ban of polythene

In its strive towards a cleaner and greener city Cuttack Municipal Corporation has banned the use of polythene in the city. In this regard one campaign under name of “SAY NO TO POLYTHENE” was launched first by Hon’ble Chief Minister on 23rd January 2010 and there after regular activities in the form of Door canvassing, miking & media campaign were taken up. Regular Raids is being conducted by the special squads to seize the polythene from sales depots and manufacturers. The council in their meeting on 29th June and 29th July,2011 have resolved to ban polythene in the city and CMC has also notified the dame on 18th August,2011.There has been raids and enforcement regularly by the CMC to make the ban effective.

Augmentation of revenue

Hoarding Licencing has been streamlined for the first time,the Cuttack Municipal Corporation has selected a single licencing through a transparent process by which the revenue in this sector has been enhanced by almost times.