ସବୁ ଅଫିସର

NameDesignationContact DetailsOfficial Email IDAssigned For
Shri Nikhil Pavan Kalyan, IASMunicipal CommissionerMob:-9437164240mccmc@nic.in>Supervising & Decision making for development Works and Public Services in Co-Ordination of all line departments.
Sri Anam Charan Patra, OAS (SAG)Additional CommissionerMob:-9437085323mccmc@nic.inNodal Officer /Supervising officer of following
1. Engineering Section
2. Project Section
3. Health and Sanitation Section
4. IT Cell
5. Planning Section.
Er. Atanu Kumar SamantaCity EngineerMob:-9438256399cityeng.cmc@gmail.comAdministrative head of Engineering Wing and overall supervision of all Engineering works
Dr. Satyabrata MohapatraHealth Officer Phone No. 0671-2308272
Mob:- 9437027115
E Mail ID-cityhealthofficercuttack@gmail.com,
cityhealthofficercuttack@gmail.comOverall Supervision of
1. Health & Sanitation
2. Birth & Death
3. Epidemic Control,
4. NFCP work,
5. Dispensaries,
6. Food Safety Activities,
7. Kennel House,
8. NFCP Bikash Bhawan Field Store,
Smt Anita Patra, OAS (S)Joint CommissionerMob:-94373541551. UC Case
2. UC Court
3. Election, AADHAR, DDN
4. DDO
5. Vehicle/Record Room
6. Gen & MISC
Ms Sanjibeeta Ray, OAS(SB)Deputy Commissioner-Cum-SanitationPhone No.
dcsanitationcmc@gmail.com1. Sanitation & Public Health,
2. Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM)
3. Grievance Cell
4. Control Room

Sri Amrita Sarkar, OAS (SB)Deputy CommissionerMob:-9437850933
1. Emergency
2. First Appellate Authority
3. Assembly Questions
4. Refund of EMD, ISD Security
5. Marriage Registration

Sri Satish Kumar Mishra ,OFSFinance OfficerPhone No.0671-2308905
financeofcmc@gmail.comAll Financial Matter/Audit/UC matters etc.
Dr Subhashree Tripathy, OAS(SB)Deputy Commissioner (Establishment)9348169448cmcestablishment23@gmail.com1.General Establishment
2. Pension

Sri Ajaya Kumar Mohanty, OAS (JB)Deputy CommissionerPhone No-9861276937Nodal Officer of the following
1. Council Affairs
2. Park & Plantation
3. Enforcement
4. Land and Survey
5. UC Case
Ms Swetapadma D. Satapathy, OAS (JB)Deputy Commissioner_SIOPhone No. 0671-2312663
E Mail ID:-siocmc@gmail.com
siocmc@gmail.comNodal Officer Project Section like
1. All Social Security Schemes
3. Urban Housing/CMRF/AAHAAR
Sri Subrat Kumar Behera, OASDeputy CommissionerMob:-8984723003Census Division
Biju Yuva Vahini
Estate Officer
Sri Digambar Swain
Law Officer Phone No. 0671-2308941
Mob:- 9437492255
E Mail ID-
lawofficercmc@gmail.comAll legal matters of CMC
Traffic Management Committee
Sri Trishul MardiAssistant CommissionerMob:-9643239893pio.cmcctc@gmail.com1. PIO (Nodal)
2. Central Library
3. IT Cell
4. Kine House
5. Sanitation Enforcement.
4. Cattle Seizing,
5. Kine House
Sri Trinath BeheraAssistant CommissionerMob:-9937510594Sanitation Section
Er. Nanda Kishore PalExecutive Engineer-IMob:-9437280663
Ward No.- 01 to 30
Project Saman & STP
Maintenance of Sulabha Souchalaya
SBM for Public & Community Toilet
Er. Dibya Ranjan Tripathy
Executive Engineer-IIPhone No.
Mob:- 9437602189
E Mail ID:-exe.engineer1.cmc@gmail.com
Ward No. 31 to 59
Electrical Works\
All Rural Housing Projects
Park & Plantation/Vending Zone
Assembly Question/Grievance
Er. Antaryamee patraDeputy Executive EngineerMob:- 9438406660
Er. Dhirendra Kumar Pradhan
Assistant Executive Engineer Mob:-9437068409
Er. Subash Chandra Sahoo
Assistant Executive Engineer Mob:-9937119445
Ward No. 20,21,24,28,29 & 30
Er. Manoj Kumar Devata
Asst. Engineer Mob:-9937316505
Ward no 36,37,38 & 44
Er. Pratap Kumar Samal
Asst. Engineer Mob:-9437183304Ward No. 50,51,52,56,58 & 59
Er. Dilip Kumar Sahoo
Asst. Engineer Mob:-9439645763 Ward No 7,8,9,10,15 &16

Er. Susanta Kumar Bhuyan
Asst. Engineer Mob:-9439652887 Electrical Work Ward 1 to 15

Er. Pravash Chandra Biswal
Asst. Enginer_Cum_ Electrical Safety OfficerMob:-9437225567 Electrical Work Ward 16 to 30

Er. Sraban Kumar Mohanty
Asst. Engineer (Mech) Mob:-9437385784
Er. Sanjib Kumar Pradhan
Asststant Engineer Mob:-9861071750
Er. Aditya Narayan Mishra
Junior Engineer Mob:-9437306383 Ward No. 40,42,43,47,53,54 & 55
Er. Nayeem Ahemad KhanJunior EngineerMob: 8249741226Ward No 39,41,46,48 & 49
Er. Dillip Kumar Swain Junior EngineerMob:- 8328859715
Ward no-1,2,3,4,5 & 6
Er. Purusottam MallickJunior EngineerMob:-8249399195
Ward No-18,22,23,25,26,& 27
Er. Dayanidhi Panda
Junior EngineerMob:-9937789954
Ward no-35,36,37,38,44,45
Er. Sujata Gochhayat
Junior EngineerMob:- 9938176964
Ward no-31,32,33,34
Sri Ashok Kumar RoutJunior Engineer Mob:- 8895926340Ward no 11,12,13,14,17,19 & 57
Er. Swetapadma BeheraJunior EngineerMob:- 8456096122
Electrical Work Ward 31 to 45
Er Gyanaranjan DaleiJunior EngineerMob:- 9439102084
Electrical Work Ward 46 to 59
Kiran SamalI.E (MUKTA)Mob:-8637203788Ward no. 45 & 52 , 8,15 & 16
Smt Abhipsa PattnaikI.E (MUKTA)Mob:-9853686258Ward no. 21 & 30
Sri Joshef Kumar ParidaI.E (MUKTA)Mob:-9178216740Ward no. 35 & 40, 7,10 &17
Sri Pratyasha Ranjan JenaI.E (MUKTA)Mob:-9090002206Ward no. 29 & 30,19& 24