Finance Section

Roles & Function

  • Finance section consists of Accounts, Cash & Audit cell, in accounts cell, the monthly salary of the employees of CMC are being prepared.
  • All payments are processed after audited by the Internal audit. Also, the budget is prepared after consultation with other Sections.
  • All cash receipts from the various sources are being maintained by the cashier. No cash payment is entertained at cash counter.
  • Similarly, the compliance of AG Audit, Special Audit, Local fund Audit reports are being prepared by the Audit Cell. Time to time the Chartered Accountant firms also audited the CMC accounts.
  • Annual Budget

    The Budget Estimate of CMC for the year is as follows:

  • 2017-18
  • 2018-19
  • 2019-20
  • Grant Received (State/central) and own sources

    Audited annual accounts of CMC up to FY 2017-18 have already been published in CMC web site.