Land & Survey

This section deals with all land related issues under CMC area such as land clearance for development activity, submission of proposal for land alienation for establishment of neighborhood market, community centers, Kalyan Mandaps, Slaughter houses, Kine House, Fish Market, Vending Zone, OMFED, OPOLOFED, Solid Waste Management, Micro Compost Center, Park and Dispensaries etc.

Roles and Functions

  • Selection of site for OMFED, OPOLFED, KIOSKS etc in the Cuttack Municipal Corporation area and filing of requisition with District Collector, Cuttack or Tahasildar of different Tahasil of Cuttack for permissive possession of the land.
  • Land clearance for developmental activity.
  • Acquisition of immovable property required by the Corporation under the Land Acquisition Act.
  • Submission of proposal for land alienation for establishment of community center, Kalyan Mandaps, Drains, Parks, Dispensaries, Micro Compost Center(MCC) etc.
  • Removal of building materials and debris as per section-528 of the OMC Act -2003.
  • Impounding stray cattle in the CMC Kine House.
  • Joint eviction drive with CDA, Tahasildar and District Collector for removal of unauthorized construction / structure within the corporation limits.