National Urban Health Mission

(Meeting the health challenges of the urban population especially poor living in the slums)

Govt. of India has launched the National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) as a sub-mission under overarching National Health Mission (NHM) for providing quality primary health care services to the urban population, especially the urban poor and other vulnerable sectors of the society on 1st May 2013.

The main objective of NUHM is to address the health concerns of the urban poor through facilitating equitable access to available health facilities by rationalizing and strengthening of the existing capacity of health delivery for improving the health status of the urban poor”.


The land mass of the state of Odisha is comprised within thirty districts. The state has 111 statutory towns. The urban local Administration in the state consists of 5 municipal corporations, 45 municipalities and 61 Notified Area Councils.

2.Trends of Urban Population:

Odisha is predominantly a rural state. The population of the state grew by 13.97% during 2001-2011 Only 16 percent of the state’s population resides in urban areas. However, growth of urban population registered a rate of 26.8 percent.

3.Launch of NUHM in the state:

In the State of Odisha, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha launched the NUHM program on 23rd February 2014 at Rourkela. After that, in the 1st phase it was workout in four Municipal Corporations of Odisha, Cuttack City is one of them.

4.City profile:

1Total City Population610189
2Total HHs116820
3Total Wards59
4Total nos of Slums264
5Total slum population237334
6Total Slum HHS46361

5.NUHM plan for Cuttack City:

  • A. Establishment of Health Institution :
  • In Cuttack city, 2 nos. of (UCHCs) and 12 nos. of (UPHCs) are to be made and functional consisting of following staff pattern.
  • UPHC (Urban Primary Health Centers)-12 No.s Staff ( MO-1, Part time specialist-2, Phamacist-1, LT-1, Staff Nurse-2, attendant-1)

Services under UPHC:

  • OPD  Consultation   (Morning – 8 – 11 AM  and  5 – 8 PM)
  • Weekly specialist OPD services ( O & G) and Paediatric
  • Free medicines as per the Govt. EDL
  • Diagnostics  :   General pathology, malaria, dengue, Hemoglobin, Urine albumin and sugar, RPR test for syphilis and Blood Grouping and Rh typing etc. will be provided.
  • UCHC(Urban Community Health Centers)-02 No.s Staff( Medical officer-1( Sr. Class-I), Specialist – 4( O & G-1, Pediatrician -1, Medicine – 1, Surgery – 1),LT-1,Attendant/Support staff-2)

B. Deployment of Human Resources :

  • 59 nos of Health Worker Female HW (F) are to be deployed.
  • One ASHA to be engaged for 1500 population (200-300 HHs)in slums
  • Part time specialist doctors to be engaged to provide specialist OPD services at UPHC level.

C. Community Process Activities:

  • 259 nos of Mahila Arogya Samitis (MAS) to be formed and made functional
  • 59 nos of Ward Kalyan Samitis (WKS) to be formed and made functional.
  • Immunization session to be start at community level.
  • Urban Health Nutrition day to be organized at each Anganwadi Centers.

6. So Far Achievements:

  • Out of 12 nos of UPHCs, 5 nos of existing health institutions are already functioning as UPHCs and for the rest the sites have been finalised
  • Sites for 2 nos. of UCHC have been finalised( Chauliaganj and CDA)
  • Out of 59 nos of HW(F)s, 55 nos have been deployed in 55 wards of Cuttack City.
  • 229 nos of existing ASHAs were attached to the all AWCs
  • Part time specialist doctors ( O & G) and Paediatric have been deployed
  • Out of 259 nos of MAS, 255 nos of MAS have been formed .
  • Out of 59 nos of WKS, 26 nos of WKS have been formed.
  • For routine Immunisation sessions are being carried out by the HW (F)s at respective immunization points.
  • UHND session points have been finalised and the micro plan has been developed.

7. Guidelines of NUHM:

Sl No.Name of the GuidelineDownload
1City Health SocietyDownload
5List of MASDownload