Do’s and Don’ts

  • Listen to the Radio/ TV / Public Address System for advance information & advice.
  • Do not go outside during a lull in the storm.
  • Allow considerable margin for safety. Be away from fallen power lines, damaged bridges and structures.
  • A cyclone may change direction, speed or intensity within a few hours, so stay tuned to the radio / TV for updated information.
  • Do not go for sight seeing.
  • Close large windows to prevent from shattering.
  • Move to the nearest shelter or vacate the area as ordered by the appropriate government agency.
  • Stay indoors and take shelter in the strongest part of the house /society.
  • Open windows on the sheltered side of the house if the roof begins to lift.
  • Find shelter if you are caught out in the open. If you have to evacuate, do not return until advised.